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When Everything Seems To Fall Apart

I got to the point where I feel so down for almost a year. Unexpected happenings came in without a single notice. It happened so fast that I almost didn’t noticed that I’m already on my knees, starting to give up.

I shut everything. I closed doors. I stopped listening to anybody. At that moment, me is the only world I know.

“It is really hard to be in a situation you are not prepared”

I still talk to people but that old me who used to be fun and jolly seems to fade away. I missed being myself but it feels like the world,the universe where I live is so unfair.

“I asked God why let these things happen?”

I waited for His reply. Minutes turned to hours. Hours into day. Days into weeks until it’s been months and I’m still hopeless, living the meanest days of my life. Indeed, pain is getting deeper each passing days. I simply can’t understand why these things need to happen.

Just one day I woke up. Feels like everything has change. Something is different. Someone in my mind urges me that something has to change for the better. It wasn’t easy for me. But I suddenly realized so many things …

              Th Thougths.bunny2

  • Life always reminds us that there are always something to be thankful for — our family, our friends, the blessing of waking up every morning and many more.
  • That no matter how bad our day is, it’s just a bad day and not a bad life. As sometimes life could be tricky, it closes doors for us to move forward but not to shut us down rather to begin a new journey and to open for new possibilities.
  • Everything is temporary. Wound heals same as with our pains. But be reminded that pain will forever be a part of our life not to bring us down but to teach us something.  As they quote that everything always happens for a reason, pain always comes with a purpose.
  • Move on from the past but remember all the things it taught you.

Lastly. God is truly in control though it’s kinda hard to imagine why God allows painful things to happen we should be faithful and believe that He has plans and He will never give us challenges we can’t handle. Remember challenges in life always comes in our life when we are strongest.

One quote that inspires me:

“If things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place”