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Caught you peeping! Don’t worry. Feel free to check out stuffs here. It’ll be exciting as I’m ready to be one of your friends!


But let me first introduce myself, I’m Rhanz Ferrer.

I haven’t proved anything yet but I can say that I’m an amateur writer, an online freelancer on my spare time and currently taking up a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management.

I awesomely enjoy a lot of things as long as it’s good and fun!



I enjoy meaty conversations. Exchanging of ideas. The perks of 1661726_785559304806526_788081566_nbeing a joker.

Having a good relationship with someone — either friends or loved one means having the time to talk with each other.

I enjoy listening to a friend’s concern even though I look like I’m not really interested at all.

A good friend always make time and finds a way to listen to someone’s heart content, whatever the topic is.

I always believe in happy endings.

Life is a fairy tale.  All things happen for a reason — whether it’s for good or bad, things always ends the way it should be.

Happiness always starts with You!

Friendiary is all about inspiration and motivation. Aiming to support everyone in terms of finding happiness and life contentment through wonderful articles. 



⊂⊃ I grew up with high hopes. I can’t sing well, not good in dancing, always have a hard time learning musical instruments and not even close to being good at any sports. Tried my best but it’s really not my thing. Despite all those downsides, I’m still happy living my life the way I want it.

⊂⊃ Later on: I got the chance to know myself more and slowly discover where I’m really good at. I started writing and expressing all random thoughts and feelings through writing. It really feels great to finally know where you belong!

This is the reason why I chose to blog to further improve myself. Also hoping that this can make a big change in my life.

I learned that life is about moving forward. That life is always composed of trials and errors that is not meant to work for you but gives you an important lesson.



Lily&LightSeparator2TO SUM UP:

Life is always full of challenges. A mixture of ups and downs. But what matters most at the end of the day is that you still stand up and continue what you have started.

Live because you can.

Live because you deserved it.

Live for a cause and not for a reason.

It would be my pleasure to help you! I’m here as a friend that is wholeheartedly ready to support and listen to you all throughout!

Lily&LightSeparator2SOME RANDOM TIDBITS:

⊂⊃ I believe in using songs to say things.

⊂⊃ I believe in using jokes to say that you’re inlove.

⊂⊃  I believe that cats got nine lives, or maybe 10.

⊂⊃ I believe that I can always get healthy later.

⊂⊃ I believe that life is sad without Pizza.

And when I’m not blogging, I might be ..

Doing random silly stuff with some of my internet friends at Bitlanders. Or maybe I’m just slacking in the couch watching my favorite episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball and Travels with the Bondi Vet. Sometimes I’m also present at some online mmo games, hacking and slashing cute monsters.


Thanks a lot for stopping by!


Note your life. Make it happen!