Let Positive Thoughts Lead You to Success

Being positive does not mean ignoring the negative. Being positive means overcoming the negative.

Life is always full of surprises. There are events in our life whether good or bad at some point it just happens. Some things happen as how we planned and expected. When this happen we feel very happy and contented. Feels like the world is in favor with us. But when things turn the other way around we did not expected, it feels like the world itself gave up on us. It feels like we’re the most wanted person in the world asking what have I done to be in a situation like this.

Am I being punished for something?

Is this how my story will end?

Think that you’re like the picture above. You’re like a newly hatched baby turtle, unsure of what might happen next. There’s that option to stay in your place and get eaten by a bird or move forward and crawl out to the edge of the shore for freedom. Running back is pointless. Giving up is inevitable. Just when you’re about to surrender. You realized something. You may have come in this world unprepared and surprised but you have already been born and destined to swim and move forward the very moment you hatched from your shell. Like a soldier, you just have to stand and continue what you’re bound to do — to fight.

When you believe that you’re going to fail, you will eventually fail. But if you believe in yourself that you can, then there’s no doubt that you will succeed. Take it from the wisdom of Budhha, “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” Though in some cases when the situation is so complicated some of us just can’t stand being positive. We find it boring as we always want immediate results. As how we find eating a fine cake, it takes time to bake that finest as well as good things in life also needs time. That no matter how positive we think about things, sometimes it seems to get even worst! Thinking positive doesn’t mean ignoring things that are less likely to happen rather it is about seeing things in a new perspective by going through every unpleasant situations in a more positive way — always thinking that the best is coming.

We all have that hardships in life that always comes in our life surprisingly. We’re just starting to enjoy all the pleasures then here it goes again, new difficulties to face. We should believe that things do not happen by some random chance. It always comes with a purpose. Whatever is this purpose, it may not be clearly visible to us until the right time we’re ready enough.

Lastly. It’s not how prepared you are in a fight but it is how you’re going to handle every circumstances of the situation.

God never ends anything on a negative. God always end on a positive. – Edwin Louis Cole



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