Why Others Are So Happy and I Just Can’t?

“Happiness always start with You”

Have you ever felt that feeling?

That feeling of not being happy at all?

You have tried many ways to become happy. Some works and some failed leaving you unhappy again. Then there’s the internet. You decided to scan Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and saw a lot of photos from people you know or may not know personally. They all share that same one thing in a photo, they’re happy— smiling and laughing in a selfie or in a groufie. Later on you feel different. Something’s bothering you inside. You don’t know what it was. Then at some point that feeling turned to into another question.

Why they are so happy and why I just can’t be?

At this point you are vulnerable, weak and jealous. You’re vulnerable to think of the worst and just thinking of giving up. You’re weak because you’re letting yourself defeat yourself. And you’re jealous because simply of what you feel.

As people say that happiness is always a choice, it is no doubt that is indeed correct. You can’t be happy being happy if you don’t truly believe that you should be happy. Remember that it’s you who always make a choice. And when you make a choice better make sure it’s the right one.

Whatever makes you feel unhappy, whether it’s depression, break ups or even deprivation of things that you want in life. Don’t let it ruin your life. The feeling of sadness is normal and completely natural to us. What’s not normal is when you still stick being sad even there’s a lot of things that can make you happy. You just need to open your mind.

Don’t be fooled by your emptiness. There’s so much room for happiness.



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